Brain Injury

The brain is extremely complex, and we know that a brain injury affects each person differently. That’s why we offer an individual care plan focused on each patient’s specific needs and goals. Here at Brooks Rehabilitation, we have more than 47 years of experience in treating brain injuries, and experience with some of the most complex traumatic brain injury cases in the country. We provide specialized, focused rehabilitation using the most innovative, scientifically-supported treatments available.

Comprehensive Brain Injury Support

We treat brain injury patients from all over the world, with about two-thirds coming from outside the Jacksonville area. Brain injury survivors come to Brooks because our focus is to not only treat immediate needs, but to offer truly personalized pathways to long-term recovery for maximum participation in life. Our system of care provides everything from intense inpatient programs to long-term community re-integration, providing seamless transitions along the way.

We are structured to address our patients’ needs at each stage of brain injury recovery with therapy and community programs to offer total support:

Expert Brain Injury Team

Our highly-trained, physician-led brain injury rehabilitation team understands that recovery means adapting to a new way of life. Our clinicians are recognized leaders in their field, regularly conducting research and speaking at conferences all over the world. All of our clinicians also receive ongoing training through the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning, which allows our staff to provide expert care based on the latest treatments, technologies and ongoing improvement. We offer a compassionate approach focused on providing the physical, cognitive, emotional and social care needed to maximize each patient’s recovery.

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Our brain injury treatment plans are designed to meet each patient’s recovery needs and goals. Our treatment plans help them progress from one care setting to the next using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and innovative, scientifically-proven technologies. Our clinicians’ sole purpose is to to help our patients reach the highest-level of recovery and participation in life using the best available treatment technologies.

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